Social Practice Project Results

Night of April 17th I hung up the ribbons within and around the SUNY Fredonia campus.

It went well. I had some odd looks from onlookers but it worked out and all 50 (+ some extra) are up.

This is a general map of where all the ribbons are placed:

The morning of April 18th I noticed some reactions.

Although I was hoping for more, some people glanced at the ribbons and others either recognised that they were there and ignored them or did not notice.

I think that the ribbons were either too small or that they were not concentrated enough to grab attention.

At the same time, I wonder if this did spark any recognition of what the ribbons symbolized or if todays society is far too accustomed to the simple ribbon design used over an over for a multitude of causes.


Join the Project!!!

This is The Yellow Ribbon Project.

My idea is to bring together a good cause into a visual compilation. My support is one that is personal and I am proud of our soldier’s services.

Show your support in an active manner!

Tye a yellow ribbon around a tree in your neighborhood and take a picture.

E-mail me your photo and I will post it on this site along with your story and/or praise for support.

Join the cause!!!